Larry Krotz 3

Larry Krotz,
through a career as a writer and a film maker, has explored the ways our actions affect our world. Widely traveled, he has become well acquainted with Canada’s north, including numerous First Nations communities, and the African countries of Kenya, Zimbabwe and Angola. Over the years his films, including Searching for Hawa’s Secret for the National Film Board of Canada, have won awards and been aired on Canadian and American television.

Tourism Trap

I’ve always loved to travel. And traveling has always provoked thought. Twenty five years ago I turned this into a book: Tourists, how our fastest growing industry is changing the world. The book was prescient, but also early. We were then only at the beginning of a steep climb that had started with Thomas Cook in the 19th century, reached Club Med 120 years later, and was about to explode in a multitude of directions.
25 years later, from the vast cruise ship industry to a myriad of niche areas such as do-good tourism, self-improvement tourism, sex tourism, adventure tourism, travel, as an industry and an activity, reaches into corners and has developed on scales not hitherto imagined or imaginable.

I’m pleased to let you know that a new book up-dating this topic is on its way to publication this September by Rowman & Littlefield, a noted publisher of provocative titles. Trapped by Tourism: sustainability questions for a world fuelled by travelers will be about tensions. Tensions between what we want and what we do. Tensions between what is inevitable and what we can survive.

It will look at not so much “sustainable tourism”, as “tourism’s sustainability”, both as it plays out in our economies, and as a factor impacting our natural and cultural environments. We will never shut tourism down; we are destined to have it and to participate in it. But what truly are its implications for the world we live in?

Researching and writing such books is a skill and service I’m excited to make available to those in the worlds of medicine, science, academia and even business who have extraordinary stories to tell and feel an urgency to get those stories recorded. Please find me through my contact page.